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While I believe everyone should enjoy the luxury of a wedding videographer, it is not enjoyable if you are not satisfied with the product. Here are some key things to think about and my take on them.

Do you want staged shots? It's nice to have and make great video moments, but it is outside of my brand. 97% of what is filmed is capturing the day exactly how it went. I call it the "Fly on the wall" approach. This plays into my visual story telling.

Do you want more than one shooter? I offer this as an add on, but 98% of the videos in my portfolio are captured by me alone with one camera (crazy, right?)

Do you want drone footage? I enjoy seeing drone footage. I do not offer this (yet) though.

Do you want to know your videographer? Some people will hire vendors and see them the day of. I've done this many times and still had a great time. I do prefer speaking and seeing my couples digitally at least. I can understand what you want for your day along with do's and don'ts of what you'd like captured.

Lastly, do you want to work with me but I am outside of your budget? Message me anyway and let's see what is possible.

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Packages starting at $2,400

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